My website requires subscribed users to login with their email and password,
the email is guaranteed to be unique, so this is one key, the other is the
AUTO_INCREMENT ID assigned at registration time.

In the cookie that I drop at logon time is the email/password combination
(security isn't really a major issue)........so I can then use the email as
the unique key into the user table. Of course, I could also drop the
AUTO_INCREMENT ID at logon time aswell, so instead of having:

    WHERE email = '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' AND password = 'userpass'

I would use:

    WHERE id = 19 AND email = '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' AND password =

Question is, is the index performance on a INT column much greater than that
of a VARCHAR column? My guess would be yes.

Also, if your thinking about saying "well if ya got the ID, why bother with
email and password", well I don't want to make it THAT easy to logon as
another user.

Just want to gather some opinions.



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