I am knew around here, and a newcomer to PHP, but I know enough. I have =
this idea, and I have gone through all the ways that I know off to work =
it, but they dont work. I am a paintball player and I get fustrated =
because there are too many web sites out there that sell paintball =
marker, and gear and things. I would like to take them all, let a client =
search for a spacific thing, and have the search results come up with =
the url to that product, and list them by price. Now, the not-so-easy =
way would be to make a DB and put all the prices in and just list the by =
price. Except that would be a very hard, time consuming work. And, I =
would have to update the db often. I am sure there is an esyer way, but =
I dont know what it is. Thanks for your help!

Michael Delorme

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