On Saturday 07 December 2002 05:00, Jonathan wrote:
> This is the first time I am trying to create a table in MySQL based on
> user input.
> Here is the scenario,
> The user will enter in the name of a stage, e.g. Harley Davidson.
> I then look for the first space (to indicate the first word), make it
> into lower case and then do the following:
> $new_stage_name = "stage_".$var;
> This will give $new_stage_name the value of "stage_harley".
> That works fine.
> Now I want to run the following query:
> $SQL = "CREATE TABLE ".$new_stage_name." (set values and their
> properties)";
> If I run this query using PHPMyAdmin, minus the var of course, the table
> is created.
> When I run it in my code, nothing happens. I do a die($SQL) to see the
> final outcome of the query and it's correct and is what I am using to
> run the query in PHPMyAdmin.

mysql_error() to see what the problem is.

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