> I use the following to store the current date in my db:
>  $date = date("mdY");
> then to decrease the day by -1 I use the following:
> $date = date("Y");
> $date2 = date("m");
> $date3 = date("d")-1;
> $dateb = '$date$date2$date3';
> Now what I need to do, is when a DB operation is run it checks the DB
> see
> if there are any dates that match $dateb or less (Yesterday or before)
> then delete those only, leaving todays in the DB, I tried the
> with
> no success:
> mysql_query ("DELETE FROM orderstemp WHERE < '$dateb'
>              ");
> This query works if I do a delete by id, but not how i'm doing it
> does
> anyone have any ideas?  Be gentle with me, dates are newish to me :-)

Well, in that case, I recommend you get in the habit of storing your
dates in either the native format of your database or in a unix
timestamp format. You will save yourself tons of work by doing it the
right way.

The say that you have it now, you'll have to explode that date string
apart into each of it's components, day, month, year, and compare all of
them. Probably easier to do it all in PHP if you're going to do it this

---John W. Holmes...

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