> Sorry, I cant find this "Action line".

=can't find it where? It's on the page number that I quoted for W&T's book
(unless there's a new edition out?). If it's not in the conf file then it
must be added - review p799 and around - they have a section about setting
up Apache in one place, and then later when talking about setting up PHP
they come back to making additions to Apache's conf file - some possibility
for confusion there if you think 'been there, done that'...

If you mean the DLLs being copied to
> the Windows\System directory, I have done that.

=good stuff

Is there a better tutorial
> for installing Apache and PHP, and if so should I try to uninstall and

=there are many tutorials around. On the PHP site there is a page of links.
Pick one, eg PHPBuilder, and then scout around for what you want.
Alternatively, there's been plenty of discussion here on the lists (probably
more on PHP-General and PHP-Win, cf this one PHP-DB = really for
database-related topics) so a charge through the archives will unearth

> again. I could even reformat if necessary - all my backups on the server
> on a separate hardfile.

=totally unnecessary to reformat.

=have you tested 'pure Apache' by placing an HTML file in the/an appropriate
folder and asking for it to be served through Apache (cf through the file
system) - and did that work?

=from this/the wrong end of the telescope, it sounds more like a conf issue
for PHP than anything else (calling for refinement not brute force!)

> I am running Apache 1.3.24 for Win32

=a good vintage, if not the latest nouveau.

=if you follow W&T's instructions and it still fails, come back with the
relevant snippets from the conf file and we'll work from there.

> "Dl Neil" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> 142701c29f16$204ba340$c900a8c0@jrbrown">news:142701c29f16$204ba340$c900a8c0@jrbrown...
> > Alex,
> >
> > > I am trying to set up a test server to test updates before changing my
> > > uploaded pages. I have running Windows 98. I have Apache installed and
> > > running, and thought I have PHP installed properly. (Installed it as
> > Welling
> > > and Thomson). However when I try to run my test.php file which should
> give
> > > phpinfo I get a message telling me that I am downloading a file from
> > > localhost. I presume Apache is not recognising the file type.
> > > I have added .php to the AddType application section of httpd.conf
> >
> >
> > Since W&T published a ClearModuleList has been added to the Apache conf
> > file. Make sure that your brave addition doesn't get 'undone'.
> > there be an Action line too? p799)
> >
> > Also, you aren't running Apache 2.n.n are you?
> > =dn
> >
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