You would be easier reformatting when you take it out of the database. After
getting your variable representing the text in the text box do this:
$variable = nl2br($variable);
Then when you display your variable the all your original new lines are

"John W. Holmes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > I've created a web form that includes a textarea input box called
> > MessageText.  The data from this form will be inserted into a mysql
> table.
> > My problem is that the form users will be inserting formatted text
> into
> > this
> > textarea and I need to be able to transfer the formatting as well as
> the
> > content into the database.  Right now, all formatting is lost in the
> > transfer.  Any ideas or suggestions?
> If you're talking about spaces and tabs and newlines, the formatting
> isn't lost. It just that HTML doesn't render tabs or newlines or more
> than one space. You need to convert your plain text to HTML so it
> renders correctly. Newlines are <br>, spaces are &nbsp;, etc...
> These URLs may help:
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