You are absolutely correct. However, the only value that security "feature" has is in 
the case that the program really cares which method the variable was received. I never 
have, and I doubt I ever will. I have had cases where I thought I'd be concerned with 
this but a rethink of the logic proved there was a better way. Even if I am concerned 
with such an issue I can always check the post array to make sure it is there.

The decision to default to 'off' was a good one, but it only protects certain types of 
programmers from accidentally creating holes. I am a bit more deliberate, and see no 
security value in it for myself. Therefore my installations remain 

If you'd like to pass your username and password on a query string be my guest, it'll 
work just fine. I don't recommend it though.

<>< Ryan

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> I missed the part where he was using an image. Without a value
> property, I don't see how it could pass anything at all....
> A note on my recent post, to emulate register_globals do this:
> if (!empty($_SERVER))
>   extract($_SERVER);
> if (!empty($_GET)) {
> extract($_GET);
> } else if (!empty($HTTP_GET_VARS)) {
> extract($HTTP_GET_VARS);
> }
> if (!empty($_POST)) {
> extract($_POST);
> } else if (!empty($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {
> extract($HTTP_POST_VARS);
> }
> This registers all of the different arrays.

And completely nullifies the security value of having
register_globals turned off. But I guess if you don't have access to
the php.ini file this is as good...

> <>< Ryan

Mark Weinstock
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