I have a simple form that displays the values of some fields in a  table so
the user can edit those values and update the database. (mySql) the form
action is $php_self, and it triggers an update query that I haven't written
yet, because on the way there, I hit a small snag that I hope you can help
me with.

You see, I want to put 8 r 9 forms on the same page, each with the ability
to update one table within the database... but how can I tell which form
the user wants to change?

If my head was screwed on straight about this, that question might be more
comprehensible, but here's the code for the form, in case that clarifies

$id ="445"; //fixed value for testing
$productsQuery ="SELECT id, fgNumber, productName, productDescription FROM
products where id =$id";
$productsRecordset = mysql_query($productsQuery) or die(mysql_error());
<form name="products" method="post" action="$php_self">
<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="
                        <td colspan="4">Products Table</td>
                        <input name="productId" type="text" id="productId"
value="<? echo $productsRow['id'] ?>" size="5"></td>
                                    <input name="fgNumber" type="text" id
="fgNumber" value="<? echo $productsRow['fgNumber'] ?>" size="10"></td>
                                    <input name="productName" type="text"
id="productName" value="<? echo $productsRow['productName'] ?>" size
                                    <input name="productDescriptiion" type
="text" id="productDescriptiion" value="<? echo $productsRow
['productDescription'] ?>" size="48"></td>
                        <td colspan="4">Update Product Information
                        <input type="submit" name="Submit" value


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