Hi Brett,
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> This is how I have the code written:
>   if ($num_results > 0){
>     fopen("http://www.vcathletics.org/Misc/AdminMenu.htm","r";);
>   }
> If I go to that link directly, it works.  But command above just loads a
> blank page into the frame.  I know its working, because if $num_results is
> not > 0, I get the error echo.

Firstly, do you prove the contents of $num_results to be sure that the
then-clause is actioned?

Secondly fopen returns a value which is resource for use in later f*()
function calls - or which indicates that the open failed for some reason.
Please refer to: http://uk2.php.net/manual/en/function.fopen.php

fopen() only opens the file, or in this case web page. It is thereafter
necessary to read the file (several functions available) - and to fclose()
it later...

You talk about "loads a blank page into the frame". Do you want to read the
contents of the web page with a view to further processing (my example: read
the page and locate any links - to verify 'continuity'), or do you want to
'read' the page to present it within your output, eg one frame within a
frameset (in which case fopen() etc is probably not the best route)?


> Brett,
> Works for me!
> Show your code,
> =dn
> > How do you load a standard web page from PHP.
> >
> > I thought, from what I read, that is was with fopen() ... but its not
> > working for me.

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