I've been looking on and off for now for a class or plug-in or something
that will allow an application user to define table specifications (#rows,
#columns, spanning, etc) then allow them to enter table data (headers, body
data, title, footer, etc.) in a graphical representation of the table they
specify. I'd then use PHP to handle data formatting/grouping/ordering prior
to sending it to a MySQL db. I could probably build it myself, but I'd like
to save some time and maybe get more functionality than I could come up with
by using en existing widget.

This should not be something like phpmyadmin or whatever as the application
users will not be maintaining the actual MySQL db, just constructing their
own tables for presenting data. I've checked sourceforge, phpbuilder,
javascriptsource, etc and found a couple, but none that are what I'm looking
for. Anybody here use anything like what I'm trying to describe?

I'm not looking for anybody to do my work for me, just make some
recommendations on what they have used and liked/disliked.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Rich Hutchins
Sr. Technical Writing Administrator
Getinge/Castle, Inc.
1777 E. Henrietta Rd.
Rochester NY 14623

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