All my reasons to ask you all about this ,because I'm currently
developing a web-base multiplayer game with PHP. In my game, I created
my Own browser with VB  so user will probably don't know which files
they're executed (for security reasons). But the problem is, I really
hard too figure out how to maintain the user login information... The
only way I can think about is to keep user's login information (username
and Password) in one file that located in User's machine. So, when
they're running the game from my browser... the browser will take the
login information from the file and pass it to my login.php page... so
user will be login automatically . I've tried it... but I'm stuck with
VB (I hate VB)... So, I planned to use PHP to take the login information
from my machine directly, but didn't work... I juz remember then that
PHP is server side....  BTW, I put all my PHP stuffs in my host... and
my multimedia stuffs plugged into the browser on my machine.

Why VB ?? Yeah I know how stupid I am.. In fact I can juz using PHP-GTK
for the Interface (browser) right ??? But somehow, I don't want to
bother the user's who don't have a php-gtk modules.... that's why.

I've tried to make the browser with Windows API too... but I failed..
coz it's really hard to modified, because after I released my game for
windows.. I'll also released the linux version in the next week after
reconfiguring a new browser using GTK.

I've made a sample client browser so you can understand what I mean
(sorry , my English is so bad)... it's still bad browser, coz anyway...
it's juz a sample.. :D

Last night... I juz have an Idea to use Javascript for taking the
information from my machine and then call the php-file from my host then
pass the information in as variables... Maybe It would work... but too
bad.. I'm still blind about javascripts.

Maybe somebody could give me some suggestions ???

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could you map a drive letter on the web server to the folder where the
files are? 

>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 12/10/02 10:49AM >>>
Well I don't know how to make a socket connections... can you give me an
example please... 

Sorry to bother you :D 

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One thing to keep in mind is that PHP is 100% server side.  So,
regardless of 
what machine you are using to browse your PHP page, it will only know of
files on the server.  So, you will probably need to employ socket
in order to get text files from a machine other then the server.

> HI... sorry to interrupt again...
> I have another ridiculous question...
> I have a text file in my machine... and a php-file in my host (such as
> etc..)
> I want to use my php-file to access my text file in my machine
> directly... 
> I used fopen, and fread stuff... but didn't work....
> Btw, can somebody help my with this.... I want to know how to access
> local file in Windows and Linux remotely... or it can risk some
> problem ???
> Please... help me...
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