There are programs that can import access db files into mysql, but none that
I know of that are automated.  If you have access to the access app they are
running, you can install an odbc connection from their machines to your
mysql database and modify your access app to connect to mysql and copy the
records over.

You can also have them export their data to a CSV file, upload that file and
mysql can import it.  Other than that I am not sure what you can do.


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Many of the people who will be using my php site, will also be using an app
that runs an access db.  I would like to create a page on my webpage that
allows the users to click a button, and data is moved from their access db
on their machines, to my mysql db.  Is this possible?  I will know where the
access db file lives.   Can php make an odbc connection and do the transfer?
Can I upload the db file to my webserver and then transfer?


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