If you're still using MSSQL7, I'd recommend installing Crystal Enterprise on the 
winApache machine. There's no reason that you need to give up Crystal to change to 
PHP. If you're looking for a freeware solution, good luck. Let me know if you find 
anything good. I looked to replace crystal about 6 months ago and couldn't find 
anything even close to as powerful.

<>< Ryan

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I'm working in a migration of an application from MSSQL7-VB6.0-Crystal
Reports to MSSQL7-winApache-PHP4. 
I'm having problems with the reporting, because I cant find an "user
friendly" solution for the creation of reports with PHP (I need something
similar in functionality and look and fell to the Crystal Reports). 
I tried with a class "report" wrote in PHP4 but I saw that I'll have a long
way to obtain a minimum level of functionality... 

Am I following the correct way in solving this problem??? 
Have anybody of you developed something similar to a Report Generator???
Does exist any application that I could use??? 


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