> I have a field in a news CMS that could contain " Infact most of the
> it
> does in the form of URL's etc. Getting the data initially into the
> database
> is no problem - Infact MySQL shows has no toruble with it. The problem
> am
> getting is when i edit the data - basically loading into a form ->
> textarea.
> The data displays everything after the first " appears but in a small
> textarea.
> I have looked at addslashes() which insnt apropriate in this instance
> the
> text area has no problem with the slashes.
> Is there an equivalent for " or am i worth substituting them for a
> character
> when i load them into my edit field.
> I can imagine this is a common probem in CMS - any suggestions on a
> fix..?

If you're doing it like


Then it shouldn't matter if there are double quotes within $value. 

If you're doing it like

<input type="text" value="$value">

Then you'll have to use htmlentities() on $value before you place it
between the double quotes.

If that doesn't help, show your code. 

---John Holmes...

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