Hello everybody!

I've got a very intersting task for myself and I hope somebody can help me to solve it.

I have a big site in the Internet that stores many information in several tables. The 
site is PHP and MySQL based. I have a copy of this site on my local server. Any data 
for the site I add and update on the local server and only then I upload it on my site 
in the Internet. The task is what is the best way to update my data on remote site? 
What programms in PHP should I write?

Now I'm trying to use two ways (They can seem too boring)

1. I write all MySQL commands that executes on the local server into separate table. 
These commands are DELETE, UPDATE and ADD. Every record has (in field 'date') a time 
when it was executed. So from time to time I copy all commands to a text file, then 
copy file to the remote server and execute them there.
2. Every table has the field 'date'. When any infromation is UPDATEd or ADDed (not 
DELETEd) the time is writes into necessary row. So the time in field 'date' shows when 
the information was updated or added. Again from time to time I just copy commands 
(according to the time I select) to a text file, then copy file to the remote server 
and execute them there. In this case I don't know how the remote site will know what 
data was deleted on the local site.

The problem is that these two methods are not proffesional written and have many lacks 
and the text files becomes too big for uploading (0.5 - 1 Mb).

Could anybody give me any suggestions or links to related resources please? What 
methods to update data on the remote server from the local one are?

Dmitry Murashev

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