Hi, guys
I have a small and delicate problem. This I think, involves using the
rewriterule from apache server, but I don't know where to post it Here's
my situation : 
Until recently, my client had his site on a stack server. In this way,
all his pages where addressed by :
also, google and all other search engines indexed his pages regarding
his old location now, the problem is that, he's moved from the last
host, and now he have pages in the root folder, not on a stack,
addressed by http://www.sitename.com/pagename.extension
for the php pages, I made a redirect in a sitename folder, in order to
get, by redirect, to the new location. Now, some new facts on revealed
that google, which is his reference tool regarding web placing, google
doesn't like long addresses and also doesn't like php parameters. So,
here's my new job I have to find a way of transforming the requests (
http://www.sitename.com/sitename/page.extension?parameters ) into new
web addresses (

ml )
So, I have to modify .htaccess file, to use a RewirteRule
And, here's the content of .htaccess file 
ErrorDocument 404 http://www.sitename.com/index.php
RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule /sitename/([a-z0-9]+).htm$ /$1.php [R] ( these are for the
1st problem)
Some people recommended using rewrite module, and alias, but I have no
idea how this is done. When I use the code above the only think I see
when I click on a search result link is :
You don't have permission to access.../sitename/..
Now I have to make the parameter modification. So if the user come to
this address :
http://www.sitename.com/zone/1/country/31/city/2/location.html in fact
the server will access this page
Do you have any idea how this is done ? Can you give me some link, or
point me to some direction . Thank you

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