New development!  It seems that if I just specify <FORM ACTION="query.php" 
TARGET="maindb" METHOD="GET"> that the results go into the main window - just 
not into the frame.  So the main problem is now persuading browser to put the 
output into the frame instead of the whole window.


On Tuesday 17 December 2002 10:59, Chris Jewell wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a set up where I would like my query output to appear in a frame
> in a main window.  Since my queries require stepwise user input, they are
> going to be built up in a pop-up window.  When the query form (in the
> popup) is sent, it calls a php script which drags the data out of a
> Postgresql database. However, I then want the query results to be sent to
> the frame in the main (parent with respect to the pop-up) window.  How do I
> acheive this?  Things I have tried are:
> 1. Putting <FORM ACTION="opener.location.replace('query.php')"
> 2. Naming the main window with <BODY onLoad="'maindb'"> then
> putting <FORM ACTION="query.php" TARGET="maindb.queryframe" METHOD="GET>
> Number (1) opens query.php in the correct location (ie the frame in the
> main page) but does not pass the form data to the server.  Number (2)
> passes the form data to the server, but the results appear in a new window.
> Any ideas?
> Chris J

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