Bruce Levick - Vivamotion
Been searching for an answer to selecting a random table and then a random
row within the selected table.

I have this code which successfully selects a random row within a hard coded
table. But just can't get the random table working.

//trying to select all tables from the database portfolio........pfff
 $alltables = mysql_list_tables("portfolio");

//trying to get the array value of the alltables...there are 4 tables in the
database. So as far as I know the value of $alltables should be 3. (0table,
1table, 2table, 3table)
 $randtabnum = array($alltables);

// this selects everything from the Illustrations table. I need to make the
FROM table_name a random selection
 $all = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Illustrations");

//acquires total rows
 $totalRows_Recordset1 = mysql_num_rows($all);

// selects random row from total rows
$rndm = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Illustrations ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT
 if (!$rndm) {
      echo("<P>Error performing query: " .
           mysql_error() . "</P>");

 $randrow = mysql_fetch_array($rndm);

Anybody see the solution??

Winxp Pro, php 4.2.2 Mysql 3.2


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