Your echo needs to be in the while loop...
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Subject: [PHP-DB] Now not selecting enough

I am using the following script which I have used with minor variations,
several times before without any trouble. I have 3 items in my database but
the script only returns 1. I can change which one by leaving off the order
by filter, but can't get all three. Where am I going wrong. (PHP and MySQL).
$SQL = 'SELECT id, DATE_FORMAT(meetingdate, "%D %M %Y")as mtgdate FROM
boardprevious order by meetingdate desc ';

// execute SQL statement
$ret = mysql_db_query($dbname,$SQL,$link);

if (!$ret) { echo( mysql_error()); }
else {

// retrieve values

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($ret)) {
$meetingdate = $row[mtgdate];
$id = $row[id];
echo ("<h5><A HREF=\"minutes_detail.php?id=$id\">$meetingdate</A></h5>");

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