$searchstring = $_POST[searchfor];
$searchstring = str_replace(" ","%",$searchstring);

mssql_query("SELECT id FROM table WHERE field LIKE '$searchstring';");

This will give you a looser search where all search terms have
to be there, but not necessarily next to each other, if you want a "phrase search"
so they have to follow each other:

$searchstring = "%" . $_POST[searchfor] . "%";

mssql_query("SELECT id FROM table WHERE field LIKE '$searchstring';");

Make sense?

On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 12:44, mike karthauser wrote:
I'm looking for tips and tricks in how to approach building a keyword search
over an number of fields in a courses database.

I know how i can search for one word at a time, but i am not sure on how i
would approach searching via a defined string.

Anyone got any good pointers for doing this/ or some tutorial that i can
read though?


BTW kettles on if anyone wants a brew..
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