I am lost now, I am just trying to read the documentation on odbc...here is
what I have so far. This seems to work...or at least not give any errors.
How do I know get to the result set in the select statement to move this
data somewhere else? I just want to get the entire result set so I can load
it into another db.


$connect=odbc_connect('mytest','sa', '');
$stmt=odbc_prepare($connect, "select * from tablename");
$eddie=odbc_execute($stmt, &$parms);

//$rc = odbc_fetch_into($eddie, $my_array);

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You can actually do this from any machine, although you will need an ODBC
driver on the Linux/Mac OS X/Unix side.
Another alternative is to dump the .mdb to mysql format and move it over.

But ODBC is the way to go.  Beginning PHP Databases from Wrox cover this a
lot, but you can get started with just a DSN and a basic odbc_connect.
Create it as a System DSN - it will cause less problems.

If you are on a *nix or Mac OS X, then you will want to tell the PHP script
where the files are that contain the DSN (odbc.ini) and the ODBC Driver
Manager (libiodbc.so).  There are basic examples and explanations in the
HOWTO at www.iodbc.org.   It's *nix geared, but just remove the putenv()'s
at the beninning of the examples and they will work fine.

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At 02:27 PM 12/19/2002, SELPH,JASON (HP-Richardson,ex1) wrote:
>If you are on a windows machine, you can create a DSN to the access file
>use odbc from php to connect to it.
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>I posted this to the php general list also so forgive me if you are seeing
>this twice.  Can I use php to extract data from an access db?  The php
>script and access db will be local.  I will then upload the file to my
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