I'm looking for some net cafe style software written in PHP, which would
preferably use MySQL if it must use a database, which can track the data
each client downloads instead of tracking the amout of time the client
is online. Ideally the software would distinguish one client from
another by each machines unique MAC address...this way people cant
easily reconfigure their machine to get around the billing system. And
it would be good if the system had a way to alter the firewall to
dissallow specific clients mac address who havn't paid their bill or if
they account limit is reached.

I know i'm asking for a bit but if there's something close to that
written in PHP i should be able to alter it to do what i need, but i
haven't found anything on the net searching google.com, freshmeat.net,
nor sourceforge.net so i'm hoping one of you have seen/used something

Thanks very much :)

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