On 12/22/2002 07:48 AM, Antonio Bernabei wrote:
I am intersted, but maybe I lost the link to the class you mentioned
Sorry, I forgot to mention the URL:



Manuel Lemos

I am developing a db form that gets passed to another form.  I need to
validate the fields in form(1), before passing on.  The form action
posts to form(2), so that upon hitting submit - form(2) shows up in
browser...(the only way I know how to do this).

I am trying to use php to validate.  I have been googling and checking
books and archives for 2 days and all examples use the same file to post
to.  In other words, form1.php uses form action="form1.php".  But I need
it to be form(2), but I still need to validate.

Does anyone have any ideas, or does everyone just use javascript with
say...alert boxes.  This will be my last resort.
You may want to use this class that does exactly what you need.

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