Josh Johnson wrote:

> I'd have to see all of your code, but I'm guessing you've left open a
> paren or a quotation mark, or a <?php ?> block or forgot a
> semi-colon...probably in a file included before this code is called.
> Also, you may want to look into how PHP handles null values (I'm pretty
> sure they evaluate to false, but look into it), and try to verify that
> $user2->permissionCheck("tech"); is returning a true/false/0/1 sort of
> result.

You are seeing everything down to line 43 (except an include statement as 
you guessed*). If I comment out the db lookup, 
the page works. Although not as intended (which the db-routine is supposed 
to fix).

I'll have another look though.

/Martin S.

* which is hell to debug, it's a 3500+ lines beastie.

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