Sorry to bother you experts with a simple question (well, two actually).

I'm new to PHP and mysql. I'm using a hosted service (so I don't have access
to configuration files, server, etc). Recently, the server crashed. Since
resurrecting, all files attempting to connect to MySQL using 

$dbcnx = mysql_connect("localhost", "[user]", "[password");

result in an error like:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in
/home/.sites/22/site13/web/werks/formtest2.php on line 8

Prior to the crash, there was no problem.

After a string of questions to support, they finally admitted they don't
know PHP well enough to help me (!?!). However, they did install phpMyAdmin
- which seems to work okay. So, I'm not sure if I am doing something
fundamentally stupid or if the web host (Easyhost) has not configured things
correctly. Any suggestions will be most welcome.

On a related issue, I am completely fed up with Easyhost and am looking for
another web host. They should obviously be able to provide PHP + MySQL
together with decent support (very important). Ideally, they should provide
scalable service (from shared hosting to dedicated and be EU located (but
this isn't critical). They must be willing to host adult content (soft-core
erotica and adult humour). Any recommendations (on or off-list will be much

A million thanks,

Jeffrey Baumgartner

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