Usually it means that you're not passing the expected number of arguments to a 
function. For example, the substr() function takes a minimum of two, maximum of three 
parameters: the string to search, the start position and the length of the substring 
to return. To correctly use the function, you must use the following statement:

substr("my string", 3); which will return "string" OR
substr("my string", 0, 2); which will return "my"

If you only say:
substr("my string") PHP should tell you that you don't have enough parameters to 
properly use this function, i.e. the function does not know in what position it should 
start returning the substring.

The use of the substr() function in my explanation is not the most important piece of 
information here. In fact, it was only used to illustrate a point. What is relevant to 
your question is somewhere on line 101 of your code, you are most likely making the 
mistake of not providing the proper number of arguments to the ldap_error() function.

For info on the ldap_error function (which only requires one parameter), see:

For more info on the substr() function, see if you're interested.

Hope this helps. 

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Hello all,

I'm trying to get a php application working that uses ldap. Anyway, when I
try to login, I get this error message:

Warning: Wrong parameter count for ldap_error() in
/var/www/html/mail/mail132/plugins/webcalendar/includes/user-ldap.php on
line 101

What exactly does that mean?

-Jody Cleveland

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