On 12/27/2002 06:00 PM, Sridhar Moparthy wrote:
I have information about some processes in the database that tells different
process dependencies. I need to display that information as a process flow
diagram. Do you know how to prepare and display process flow diagrams
dynamically. Do you know anything like JPGraph or Java script or java applet
that can do this? If so Please help me.
As I explained before, you may want to take a look at Metastorage. Among other things it generates graphs in UML that represent a diagram of classes that are mapped to database tables.



Metastorage generates the graphs that can be rendered in many common image formats using AT&T GraphViz package. GraphViz takes a description of the nodes and the edges of the graphs and renders them in target image format.

In the pages above there are some links to the relevant GraphViz pages.


Manuel Lemos

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