1.  Is mysqld running?  I don't remember if the default configuration
for RH8.0 sets it to start on system boot.

    The easy way to check is:

    ps aux | grep mysql


    mysqladmin -u root ping

    will return "MySQL is alive" if the server is running.

2.  See chapter 2.4 of the MySQL Manual for Post-installation Setup and



On Sun, 29 Dec 2002 16:46:38 +0100 (CET), franco stridella wrote:

>i apologize in advance for my stupid question. I installed RedHat8.0 with built in 
>apache 2 and php 4.2.2
>By looking at phpinfo() i see that php has been compiled with --with-mysql,shared and 
>php works but it seems that mysql is not enabled. Why? how can i use mysql with php? 
>what have i to enable to make it run?

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