> I have a php script that call binary data of pictures stored in
> The script works fine in IE but not in Netscape (ver 4.7, &  6.01).
> Any ideas?
> ---------------------------------
> the html tag is like: <img src="showpict.php?pro_id=1">
> where showpict.php:
>  $query="SELECT pict FROM pict WHERE pro_id= '$pro_id";
>  $result=mysql_db_query($database, $query, $conn) or Die
>  list($photo)=mysql_fetch_row($result);
>  $type = $photo_type;
>  if (!empty($photo)) {
>   header("Content-Type: {$type}");
>   echo $photo;
>  }

Call up showpict.php?pro_id=1 in Netscape and see if you get an error.
Just type it in and call it up by itself.

---John W. Holmes...

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