You need to realize that phpMyAdmin is a database manangement tool, not a database. So 
I'll answer your questions based on the mySQL database ... 

1. MySQL 3.23.43b introduced a table type of InnoDB which is the first to allow 
foreign key constraints.  ... However, you do 
not need to enforce constraints to have a relationship. I just assume that's what 
you're getting at.

2. Yes, if you enforce constraints with the CASCADE option it will. ..see same 

... Now the catch, my version of phpMyAdmin 2.3.0 does not allow me to choose the 
table type of InnoDB, even though my database is version 3.23.54. So I assume 
phpMyAdmin does not allow one to manage these attributes. Someone please correct me if 
I'm wrong.

<>< Ryan

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hi all,
1. How does phpMyAdmin manage tables with "one to many" or "many to one" 
relation ships. Is there any documentation about this.
2. Does phpMyAdmin support editing data from more than one table that have a 
one to many or many to one relationship.

Thanks and Wish you a happy new year,

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