According to the specs for ODBC (and SQL92) it is ok to return -1 for the
number of rows, as the correct number might not be available until the
last row has been fetched.

- Frank

> > Hello everyone,
> >     We are running an old database system called db/c and attempting
to access 
> > the information via php. We have managed to make an odbc connection to
> > databases, and can successfully retrieve the field names, and field
> > However, php insists the tables are empty, returning -1 (empty set)
for the 
> > odbc_num_rows(). When we make a raw odbc connection to run a direct
sql query 
> > on the data, it all shows up fine. There is some miscommunication
between odbc 
> > and php that is eluding us. Any input or suggestions would be
> > Thank you,
> > Jay Merritt
> Many odbc drivers do not return the correct value for odbc_num_rows. 
> Have you tried odbc_result_all to see what comes back?
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