On Sunday 05 January 2003 14:15, Tony Bollino wrote:
> Greetings all.
> Thank you to all those on the list who have been helpful in the past.
> I'm hoping you will be able to come through for me again.  Here is my
> conundrum.
> I am using an app (GBSurvey) I downloaded from the web to create a
> survey for teachers at a school.  The application only allows for radio
> buttons in the surveys. The school wants some questions to have
> checkboxes so responders can select multiple answers for the question.
> I rewrote the code to allow the admin to select if the answers to a
> survey question will be radio buttons or checkboxes.  That displays
> properly.  When I test it with multiple check boxes selected in one of
> the questions only the value of the last checkbox selected is entered
> into the database.

> The name of each checkbox is the same but the values are different.  Do
> both the name and values have to be different?  When it is inserted into
> the DB it shouldn't matter since the record would not be a duplicate.

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