hi All,

how can i connect to mysql via SSL connection using mysql_connect() in php 4.3.0? i 
have generated all the certificates necessary and i was able to connect to mysql 
server via the bin/mysql command line options (below). 

bin/mysql -h localhost --ssl-cert=host.crt --ssl-key=host.key -u rootssl -p 

however, using 

mysql_connect('localhost', 'rootssl', 'xxxxx', false, MYSQL_CLIENT_SSL); 

as stated in the documentation, the function returns "SSL connection error". am i 
missing sth?  know i have to specify ssl-cert and ssl-key but where?

i have been looking hi and lo for help on this new feature introduced in php 4.3.0 and 
mysql 4.0.x. has anyone out there implemented this yet? really need your help.


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