I know this is OT here, but as a regular reader I thought I'd just drop a line in here 
since I couldn't find any decent news-community elsewhere.

Anyways, here goes my little question that has been troubling me for quite some time 

I have a database that looks somewhat like this:

nick | pos | total_frags | total_points | level1_frags | level1_points | level2_frags 
| level2_points | ...

now my question:

is there a way to calculate all the levelx_frags and levelx_points together 
dynamically? (one week there are more levels, another week there are less) and write 
those results into the total_frags and total_points columns? Right now I'm going 
through each of them individually with a php script, but seems kinda painful to me, 
because I need to re-launch the php page everytime I collect new stats (which can be 
up to 10x a day)

then, I'd like to do a "SELECT nick FROM users WHERE total_points > 0 ORDER BY 
total_points DESC LIMIT 0,100" query and with the results I get, I want to write into 
the "pos" column the position they have in that query. So for example if "m0rpheus" is 
third in that query, he'd get a "UPDATE users SET pos=3 WHERE nick='m0rpheus'". This, 
too, is done through php at the moment, and again, I wonder if there's a mySQL way of 
doing that, because I'm accessing that mySQL interface not through a web-browser but 
through iRC, which in turn makes it painful to launch a browser every time. (and we 
want to be fully-automatic these days, don't we :)

Cheers and TIA


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