Heh. I used this app in one of my sites, (www.9250x.com) it has some
nice features, but whoever programmed it didn't intend for anyone else
to make changes, that's for sure. 

The '%%' in the first snippet is some SQL code, '%' is a wildcard in
SQL, so the gist of that section is "If $global_locationID is false,
then make it = 0, and allow the database to return values with ANY
locationID, otherwise just return those records that match the

The second snippet just builds an array out of the unapproved records.
Like you said.

You're right on with the third as well. I would suggest finding the
place where the query is actually submitted, and add an echo $sql; type
statement so you can see the actual query that is being sent to the
database, that may clear things up a little. 


On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 09:20, NIPP, SCOTT V (SBCSI) wrote:

>       My head is sore from banging my head on my desk, so I will now ask
> the gurus...
>       I am trying to get a canned Calendar application working, and I am
> running into problems.  The application is phpCommunityCalendar by
> AppIdeas.com.  The calendar is currently semi-functional, but for some
> reason the approval system is not working for me.  I am trying to
> troubleshoot why this is the case and this is where I am running into
> problems.  The following is a bit of code that I do not understand and was
> hoping that someone could clear up for me.
> ** < Not sure exactly what this code does, especially the %% portion>**
>       if (!$glbl_LocationID) {
>       $glbl_LocationID = "0";
>       $LocQuery = "LocationID LIKE '%%'";
>       } else {
>       $LocQuery = "LocationID = '$glbl_LocationID'";
>       }
> **  SNIP <This section queries the database for events that have been
> submitted but NOT approved, this is the Active = '0'>**
> $result = mysql("$DBName","SELECT CalendarDetailsID FROM phpCalendar_Daily
> WHERE Active = '0'") or die(mysql_error());
>       while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) {
>       $ID[$i] = $row[0];
>       $i++;
>       }
> ** SNIP <Based on looking at the DB, this section associates the matched
> item descriptions for display>**
>       for ($j = 0; $ID[$j]; $j++) {
>       $query .= " OR CalendarDetailsID = '$ID[$j]'";
>       }
> $query = ereg_replace("^ OR ","",$query);
>       if (!$query) {
>       echo "<center><b>There are no results to display</b></center>";
>       commonFooter();
>       exit;
> ** SNIP <Even though I see entries in the DB that appear as they should
> display (Active = 0), nothing actually appears>**
> $result = mysql("$DBName","SELECT *
> FROM phpCalendar_Details
> WHERE ".$LocQuery." AND (".$query.")
> ORDER BY Title") or die(mysql_error());
>       OK.  I have tested the basics of the SQL in both the second section
> and the last section.  If I manually query the database as in the second
> section, and then use that output in the query of the last section I am
> returned a record as expected.  This is the reason why I am lost as to why
> this is not working here.
>       Thanks in advance for the help.
> Scott Nipp
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