I have a database: web_feedback, and it has 5 columns:

Firstname varchar(40) not null
Lastname varchar(40) not null
Email varchar(40) PRIMARY KEY not null
ServList varchar(40) not null
Timestamp not null

I run a query in a PHP script to retrieve the email address the line of code
looks like this:

$query_time = mysql_query("select time from DB where email='$email'");

This line returns RESOURCE ID #2 in $query_time when I use it to echo it's
value in an email message:

$mailcontent = $firstname." ".$lastname." has submitted info as follows:

    "First Name: ".$firstname."\n".

    "Last Name: ".$lastname."\n".

    "email: ".$email."\n".

    "Selected Services: ".$servList."\n".

    "Time entered: ".$query_time."\n";

Anyone able to see off hand if I'm doing anything obviously wrong?


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