it's very useful to store images in the db then
in the other page show the image by selecting it then
print it out to the page with "Content-type: image" (jpeg/gif/etc) header;
But, i didn't find how to show pdf binary file so that the browser
can directly call acrobat reader to show it,
i tried to use content-type : application/pdf but it failed!
i think maybe in the pdf cases,
browser called acrobat reader because of its extension (pdf),not because
the header is it true?
could someone help me?

Luke Woollard writes:
I agree with Dave. I wrote an application to allow a client to upload/manage
images and categorise them into diff. parts of their website.
Images were stored as normal image files after upload and a pointer made to
them from the appropriate database record (which had additional image info
e.g. description)
Since I now have to move this website to a new server -> transferring all
these files was a bit annoying. Storing them as binary data in mysql would
have been easier to manage...

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I agree with this method.  i have not yet seen an advantage of storing
blobs in a database.  Is there one?  i'm sure those on this list would
an opinion if there was one.  personally, i like storing all this stuff on
the file system.
There is one advantage. You must either chown the upload directory to
the user that your web-server runs as, or chmod it to be world-writable.
When creating a web-application that you plan to distribute (like
Slashcode), you can't assume that your users will have that privilege.
So, storing it in MySQL is a great option.

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