I'm hoping someone can give a little advise.

We have a customer that provides his software via a www address. We've
setup .htaccess on this folder with a single username/password. So he
supplies this user/pass to people that pay to get his software.

He now wants to have control over the username/passwords. He also wants
to have groups so that he can set which programs his customers can
download. He also wants it all logged.

I don't see this happening via .htaccess so I'm thinking of developing a
simple PHP/MYSQL interface.

So the customer comes to a login page, authenticates to a MYSQL
database, is assigned a cookie and is allowed access to which ever
programs his group allows.

This is fine and dandy, but how do I prevent that person from taking the
direct link to the file and giving it to someone else?

I'm sure there is a much better and simpler way. Idea's?

Thanks in advance.

Darren Bentley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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