I have a page with many ads that stores both the number of times an ad is displayed and how many times it gets clicked. These are stored in two different tables (since different information is stored for each) but both have identical name columns. I am trying to display both # times displayed and # times clicked in the same table in an admin page.

Here is my query:

SELECT ads_clickrate.name, ads_clickrate.link, SUM(ads_displayrate.count) as display, COUNT(ads_clickrate.date) as click FROM ads_displayrate LEFT JOIN ads_clickrate ON ads_displayrate.name = ads_clickrate.name WHERE YEAR(ads_clickrate.date) = '2003' AND MONTH(ads_clickrate.date) = '01' GROUP BY ads_clickrate.name ORDER BY ads_clickrate.name

I want to display for each ad the number of times displayed, and then number of times clicked if applicable, if not 0.

The query is only returning rows for ads that have been clicked on. Is the problem because I have a COUNT column for one table, with a group by? Is this causing the display to be grouped also?

If you need more information how the table is set up let me know, I'm really stumped here.



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