Hi guys,
I've been playing with PHP for a while now, and love the mysql functions, 
but there's one thing I'd like to know...

I want to check if a mysql error is a certain number, and thats all fair 
enough because every time i encounter an error I can write down what that 
error was. However, it would be handy if I could have my own define file 
with all the errors in. Can I ask if anyone has a list of errors and their 
numbers for mysql_errno? I've looked on the web and found a load of errors 
for the mysql daemon (the page told me to look in 
/usr/share/mysql/mysql_errors.txt) but this isnt the file I want as the 
errors there relate to the server and not errors with a query I'm running

Thanks in advance for any help

James Booker
EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

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