Hi! I have a PHP page with a few text areas where users can enter different combination of fields to query a mySQL database. An example of a query would be like this:

$query = "SELECT build_ids.build_id, build_ids.username, build_ids.host,
build_ids.configuration, build_ids.build, build_ids.target, build_tests.input,
build_tests.output, build_tests.result, build_tests.test_name,
build_tests.prms_id, build_ids.date FROM build_ids, build_tests
WHERE build_ids.date like \"$date%\" and build_ids.host like \"$host\" and
build_ids.build_id like build_tests.build_id";

The query would work if I use mySQL from command line, w/o using the variable, but use the field names themselves. But wouldn't work when I try to use variable like above and set the variables from a PHP page. Anybody knows what's wrong w/ my code or could show me to some helpful resources? Please reply to this email as I am not a subscriber of this list. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help!
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