> In a receipt to the customer you might want to show them their date of
> order and other information using:
> $query="SELECT DATE_FORMAT(o.date, '%m/%d/%Y'),
>                       it.cost
>                       FROM order o, item it
>                       WHERE cust_id = $custId";
> To display this:
> $date=$row["DATE_FORMAT(o.date, '%m/%d/%Y')"];
> echo $date;

As an alternative, you can use a query such as this:

$query = "SELECT DATE_FORMAT(o.date, '%m/%d/%Y') as alias, ...

and then print the value with

$date = $row['alias'];
echo $date;

instead of using 

row["DATE_FORMAT(o.date, '%m/%d/%Y')"];

It makes things easier to read in your code, too...

---John W. Holmes...

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