it seem to me you didn't use session at all,
so where is the session problem?
but i think i see some weird stuff that maybe caused the problem,
(or may be another problem) :
<A href=i_login.php?user=<?echo $name?>$action=preference>Preference</A>
why did you use "$" sign instead the "&" sign at the "$action=preferences"?
it's very helping if you send us the error message,
is it from the mysql,php,or something else?
Afif writes:
Dear all,
I have some confusing about my script, this is story
I have login page, and then the user got current page with various
menu, but when user click one of menu, its has error mesage, here my
<p align = "center">
//require "setup.php";
require "common.php";
include "setup.php";
global $action;
$sql = "select user_name from iduser where user_name='$name' and " ;
$sql = $sql . " user_pass = '$password' " ;
if (! $tampil = mysql_query($sql,$dbh))
echo mysql_error();
return 0;
$result = mysql_query($sql);
if ( mysql_num_rows($result)==0)
{ echo "<font face=verdana size=2>User ID atau Password yang anda masukkan tidak benar </font>"; }
echo "<center><font face=verdana size=2> Welcome <strong>$name</strong> </font></center><br>";
<center><font size=-2 face=Verdana></font>
| <A href=i_login.php?action=upload_file>Upload File</a> |
<A href=i_login.php?action=upload_nilai>Upload Nilai</A> |
<A href=i_login.php?action=upload_jadwal_klh>Upload Jadwal Kuliah</A> |
<A href=i_login.php?action=upload_jadwal_bmb>Upload Jadwal Bimbingan</A> |
<A href=i_login.php?action=news>Upload News</a> |
<A href=i_login.php?action=upload_silabus>Silabus Kuliah</A> |
<A href=i_login.php?action=upload_artikel>Upload Artikel</A> |
<A href=i_login.php?action=upload_stuff>Fun & Stuff</A> |
<A href=./guestbook.php>GuestBook</a> |
<A href=i_login.php?user=<?echo $name?>$action=preference>Preference</A> |</font></center>

//function list_record() {
//<a href="menu_mhs.php?nbi=$nbi&amp;th_akd=$th_akd&amp;semester=$semester" title="Menu">Menu Mahasiswa</a><br/>
$query ="SELECT count(*) FROM news where byname='$name'";
$result = mysql_query($query);
if (!$result) error_message(sql_error());
$query_data = mysql_fetch_row($result);
$total_num_news = $query_data[0];
//if (!$total_num_news) error_message('Belum Pernah Posting');
echo "<br><CENTER><font size=2 face=verdana>$name, Anda telah <strong>$total_num_news</strong>
posting Break News</font></CEBTER>";
function upload_file() {
global $name;
echo "oke pilih upload rek";
function upload_nilai() {
echo "oke pilih upload rek";
function upload_jadwal_klh() {
echo "oke pilih upload rek";
function upload_jadwal_bmb() {
echo "oke pilih upload rek";
function upload_silabus() {
echo "oke pilih upload rek";
function news() {
echo "isi news";
function upload_stuff() {
echo "oke pilih upload rek";
function nilai() {
echo "isi nilai";
function jadwal() {
echo "isi jadwal";
function prefer() {
global $action,$name;
echo "$name ini isi preference";
if ($action == 'preference')
{ prefer(); }
elseif ($action == 'upload_file')
{ upload_file();}
elseif ($action == 'upload_nilai')
{ upload_nilai();}
elseif ($action == 'upload_jadwal_klh')
{ upload_jadwal_klh();}
elseif ($action == 'upload_jadwal_bmb')
{ upload_jadwal_bmb();}
elseif ($action == 'news')
{ news();}
elseif ($action == 'upload_silabus')
{ upload_silabus();}
elseif ($action == 'upload_artikel')
{ upload_artikel();}
elseif ($action == 'upload_stuff')
{ upload_stuff();}
echo "<br>";
do I have mistake with my script, pls give me solution
thanks all for yr help
Warm regards,

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