Hello all,

I have the following code:

        echo "<td>\n";
        echo "<table width=\"100%\" border=\"0\" align=\"center\"
        $sql2 = mysql_query("SELECT signature FROM event ORDER BY cid DESC
LIMIT 10");
        while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql2)) {
        // $cid_alert = $row["cid"];
        $number = $row["signature"];
        $name = mysql_query("SELECT sig_name FROM signature WHERE sig_id =
        echo "<tr><td><p>$number</p></td><td><p>$name</p></td></tr>\n";
        echo "</table>\n";
        echo "</td>\n";

When I view on my web page, the $number value comes out fine, but the $name
comes out as "Resource ID #x" where x is some number. Currently is says
"Resource ID #6". I know the SQL syntax is right, I have tested it. But what
is wrong here?

I have tried putting single quotes around $number in my query statement. It
dod not work though. If anyone can help, it is greatly appreciated!!!

R Clark

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