This won't be a one time deal, in theory, the users will go online, click a button and 
their data will be uploaded from their access db to our mysql db....then in a few 
days, weeks, whatever, they can upload again.  Hopefully each time we will grab all 
the new stuff.

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  Umm, if it's a one time deal, why not just have access output a CSV (comma seperated 
version, or something like that) 
  and use PHP or phpMyAdmin if it will do it, to do your insert's? That way you don't 
have to have PHP interface with 
  Access, just the MySQL part which is real easy. 

  On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 09:12, Edward Peloke wrote: 
    Ok, I know I have asked this question several times but it is time for me to 
    start coding so I am looking for some goog tutorials somewhere. I need to 
    use php to transfer data from an access file to mysql db. I assume I will 
    just use an odbc connection but I am unsure as to where to start. If anyone 
    knows of any good tutorials or samples, please point me in the right 


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