Anybody could hep me converting the following form to dropdown box? The easier task (I assume) is to populate the box with the all possible values of a column in mySQL table (I don't know what how to do this yet, though). I also haven't been able to find the dropbox's equivalent of form's input lines that are hidden (e.g. <input type=hidden name=\"select\" value=\"$tempselect\">). Thank you, I really appreciate your help.

$temphost = $host;
$tempselect = $select;
if ($select == all) {
echo "<font size=$fontsize-1>Choose host<br></font>
<form action=\"build_form.php\" target=\"_top\" method=get>
<input type=hidden name=\"select\" value=\"$tempselect\">
<input type=hidden name=\"order\" value=\"$order\">
<input type=hidden name=\"ordertwo\" value=\"$ordertwo\">
<input type=hidden name=\"way\" value=\"$way\">
<input type=hidden name=\"waytwo\" value=\"$waytwo\">
<input type=hidden name=\"date\" value=\"$date\">
<input type=hidden name=\"target\" value=\"$target\">
<input type=hidden name=\"input\" value=\"$input\">
<input type=hidden name=\"output\" value=\"$output\">
<input type=hidden name=\"test\" value=\"$test\">
<input type=hidden name=\"result\" value=\"$result\">
<input type=\"text\" name=\"host\" value=\"$temphost\" size=17 maxlength=10></form>" ;
echo "</table>" ;

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