Hi to all
Being new to PHP I am naturally experiencing some minor problems.

I have a form which processes Ref and Chassis data, when I load Add.php
which does work but on loading get errors

Notice: Undefined index: Ref in C:\Xitami\webpages\add.php on line 22
Notice: Undefined index: Chassis in C:\Xitami\webpages\add.php on line 23
How do I get rid of these undefined errors? Could anyone advise please.

printf("<FORM action=\"add.php\" METHOD=post>");

printf("<TABLE border=\"0\" width=\"100%%\">");


printf("<TD><INPUT TYPE=text SIZE=5 NAME=Ref ></TD></TR>");

printf("<TD><INPUT TYPE=text SIZE=25 NAME=Chassis ></TD></TR>");


printf("<INPUT TYPE=submit name=\"submit\">");

printf("</FORM>" );

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