MySQL cannot find the username in its grant tables.

The error message very clearly states that there is no user named
'x,@host' which is the value of your $user variable.  For your example,
$email == 'x' and $femail == '@host'.  The comma is included because it
is part of the literal string, i.e., inside the double quotes.


On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 22:08:11 -0600, Addison Ellis wrote:

>       do you have any idea why the following(line 106)would return 
>the following
>error message ?  the login.php has an included form to create an 
>account and that is what will not connect.
>$connection = mysql_connect($host, $user,$password) //this is line 106
>Warning: Access denied for user: 'x,@host' (Using password: YES) in 
>/users/infoserv/web/register/login.php on line 106
>Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: 'x,@host' 
>(Using password: YES) in /users/infoserv/web/register/login.php on 
>line 106
>Couldn't connect to server.
>my required file is as follows:
>  $user="$email,$femail";
>  $host="$hostname";
>  $password="password('$password'),password('$fpassword')";
>  $database="$classes";
>thank you again for your time. addison
>Addison Ellis
>small independent publishing co.
>114 B 29th Avenue North
>Nashville, TN 37203
>(615) 321-1791
>subsidiaries of small independent publishing co.

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