I would say this can be done (-:

Run a quck search on freshmeat.net, sourceforge.net,
of course the manual http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.mail.php,
and http://www.hotscripts.com/, just to name a few places to start. Or just search for "mailing list php" on Google.

There are a ton of mailing list managers out there - check them out and then decide if you need to roll your own. Many are free to use, and would at least offer some idea of where to start.

Baumgartner Jeffrey wrote:

Is there any way to receive mail via PHP?

What I am interested in doing is creating a double opt-in e-mail list
whereby someone can subscribe to an e-mail service via an on-line form. Upon
doing so, they would get a confirmation e-mail. Replying to this e-mail
would confirm the subscription and add the sender's e-mail address to the
database (MySQL).



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