on 1/17/03 7:02 PM, Addison Ellis at [EMAIL PROTECTED] appended the
following bits to my mbox:

> Warning: extract() expects first argument to be an array in
> /users/infoserv/web/register/ca/new_account.php on line 82

>  $result = mysql_query($sql)
>               or die("Couldn't execute query 1.");
>  $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
>  extract($row);

Two guesses:

1) the query isn't returning any data, so you're not getting an array
assigned to the $row variable

2) you need to pass a regular associative array to extract, not the "combo"
one that MySQL_fetch_array returns.  Try using MySQL_fetch_assoc instead.

Hope that helps.


Paul Burney

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